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The City of the body

  • Organization : Body Arts Laboratory
  • Section : Project on artistic and creative focus
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary

Outline of the project

First year
Shikiri (partition) Event! vol.1〜3
Details: Three events organized around approaches to the joint running of programs simultaneously occurring in partitioned spaces, as seen in WWFes 2018.
Simple features that “partitioned” space and time at each location were put in place for the holding of workshops and performances. The plasticity of “partitioning” is a mechanism that invariably highlights programs which develop at the boundaries of miscellaneous environments. Therefore the aim was to create a cycle in which participants acquire and learn their own independent behavior in an environment where different things can be found next to each other.

Date: Friday, August 16, 2019 (vol. 1), Sunday, October 6, 2019 (vol. 2), Friday, January 24 – Sunday, January 26, 2020 (vol.3)

Venue: vol.1 SHIBAURA HOUSE (Minato-ku, Tokyo), vol.2 Tsutsujigaoka Atelier (Chofu-city, Tokyo), vol.3 moto-eigakan (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo)

Planned and run by: Aokid, Toshikatsu Kiuchi, Mina Nishimura, Mari Fukutome, Yutaro Murakoso, Rick Yamakawa, Kota Yamazaki

Second year
(1)Whenever Wherever Festival 2020 Research
Details: Members of the artist collective organizing the festival conducted their respective research on selected themes for WWFes2021, and released their reports online in remote meetings and in note magazine. Multidisciplinary members specializing in architecture and film in addition to dance and theater successively shared their activities from their respective bases. In the process of exploring the everyday possibilities for creation outside the theater during a pandemic, the group formed the concept of peripheral areas with a certain latitude in terms of space and time – including the festival’s attendant exchange and interaction – as “Aroundness”

Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020 – Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Venue: Principally online

(2)Online Event
Details: As an extension of the research in (1), two public online meetings were held. The group experimented with a new form of festival in which each member’s presentation given from a different location was a performance in itself.
Pool River, Kyoto City University of Arts Advanced Design Studies
“The present tense of festival technique”
Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Venue: Online

“Festival technique – creating a village with “Aroundness”: WWFes public presentation “Solo festival style””
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2021
Venue: Online
Member: Kota Yamazaki, Yutaro Murakoso, Aokid, Kei Shichiri, Mina Nishimura, Toshikatsu Kiuchi, Rick Yamakawa, Mari Fukutome, Kanako Iwanaka, Keitaro Sawabe

Third year
Whenever Wherever Festival 2021
Details: A dance/performance festival reimagining the Aoyama district and the urban environment through the body. The event comprised “Mapping Aroundness (MA),” an experimental program co-curated by a group of artists, and the 13-hour dance piece “Becoming an Invisible City Performance Project (BIC)” created by Kota Yamazaki and 27 collaborating artists/performers. Through BIC, the group found a festival form offering a vision of the city through the theatrical performance of a dance work based on musical scores gathered in Aoyama’s public spaces. In addition, for MA the group rolled out a program at the 7days pop-up rental store in Sugamo Jizo-dori Shopping Street as well as an online initiative, demonstrating a multi-tiered and all-embracing approach to urban performance.
Date: Thursday, December 23 – Sunday, December 26, 2021
Venue: Aoyama Spiral (Minato-ku, Tokyo) and surrounding area, 7days Sugamo Shop (Toshima-ku, Tokyo), online
MA Curator: Mina Nishimura, Aokid, Mari Fukutome, Yutaro Murakoso, Kei Shichiri, Kanako Iwanaka, Keitaro Sawabe, Masako Immaki, Kota Yamazaki, Toshikatsu Kiuchi, Rick Yamakawa
Participating artists: Numerous
BIC general direction/choreography/performance: Kota Yamazaki

BIC Performers and Choreographic Collaborators: Kei Asanuma, Kana Anayama, Kota Kihara, Mai Kubota, Kaho Kogure, Yu Goto, Kazuhito Tsuruga, Kaho Toda, Kanami Nakabayashi, Wataru Naganuma, Nozomi Matsuo, Yuki Miyawaki, Miyu Motegi, Kotaro Yagi, Shizuka Yamaguchi, Mei Yamanaka, Asuka Yamanobe, YOSHIANO, Kota Yamazaki, Kana Sakato, Hanako Takayama, Yoshihiro Watanabe, Yuichiro Tamura, Yoshio Ootani, Yow Funahashi, Yuma Takeshita


Body Arts Laboratory
Established in 2008 as an artist-led dance/performance organization, Body Arts Laboratory went on to become a general non-profit organization in 2021 (Director: Kota Yamazaki).
By 2021 it had hosted the Whenever Wherever Festival (WWFes) nine times in Tokyo. With its concept of establishing a network to connect artists during the creative process, WWFes, which emphasizes innovation and operates under a curatorial concept, has an unparalleled presence and position in the field of physical art.


Production Manager
Body Arts Laboratory