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- Children communicate through the "Inclusive Dance"

  • Organization : Inclusive Field for Dance since 1998
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


In this initiative, diversity-embracing dance group Inclusive Field for Dance delivered a workshop giving children an intuitive grasp of what an inclusive society entails. Specifically, the project comprised six workshops over the project period at educational facilities in the metropolis, such as elementary schools and special needs schools as well as gymnasiums, plus one performance. In workshops, the focus was on children creating together and expressing themselves while enjoying inclusive dance works, listening to and talking with dancers with disabilities about their childhoods and their modes of expression, and coming into direct contact with diverse troupe members including children and adults with disabilities.
All members of Inclusive Field for Dance perform and engage in creative activities, and members with disabilities give speeches.
Moreover, members produced and disseminated a candid “Eyes for the future” archive version featuring the confusion, surprise, smiles and emotional reactions of children encountering disability and diversity for the first time.


Inclusive Field for Dance
Established in 1998 by president Hiroko Nishi and six children with the aim of contributing to the realization of a tolerant and inclusive society through the implementation of activities and initiatives focusing on physical expression which everyone can enjoy together under mutual respect as individuals, regardless of gender, age or disability. Members currently number 43 people aged between five and those in their seventies, including wheelchair users. The troupe’s focus is on workshops and performances in the community, and regular twice-a-month activities.


Hiroko Nishi
Inclusive Field for Dance Since 1998
E-mail: hiroko@toyoeiwa.ac.jp


Elementary schools in Tokyo (Shinjuku City/Akishima City, Tokyo)
Special Needs Education School for the Physically Challenged (Toshima City, Tokyo)
Toyama Sunrise (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)
Ushigome-Tansu City Hall (Shinjuku City, Tokyo)