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Healthcare Support for Artists and Stages

  • Organization : NPO Total Health Care for Artists Japan
  • Section : Project for improvements in the creative environment
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary

Outline of the project

Project outline
The mental and physical healthcare of artists tends to be left to the individual. This initiative focuses on the provision of healthcare at creative workplaces to establish care of the mind and body as a part of the creative process.
By improving performance, accumulating experience of stable professional activity and making related information and findings available, the aim is to achieve the following goals.

・To increase the number of artists able to choose and practice the care they need by turning artists’ attention to their own bodies
・To give each arts-related group the opportunity to work on the healthcare environment it provides for its affiliated artists (performers) and staff members
・To share the on-site care required by artists and creative workplaces with healthcare professionals and trainers, thereby increasing and building a network of healthcare providers for artists

Basic program structure
(1) Performance healthcare support
A health care program designed for subject performances by organizations chosen through an open call, and aimed at fitness building, injury prevention, and the improving of different conditions, to be provided at rehearsal studios and theaters for about two months a year.
The basic structure will comprise 1) physical check-ups by doctors 2) workshops, and 3) individual care.

(2) “Health care pit”
An initiative providing treatment and conditioning by professionals experienced in the care and conditioning of artists. It will also run as a service that freelance artists can make use of.

(3) The providing of information
・The creation of a forum for medical professionals and trainers to share their experience of customized solutions
・The creation of a forum for artists to share healthcare-related information with each other
・Follow-up of rehearsals and performances during the coronavirus pandemic, and when the virus is contracted

Year 1 project outline
(1) Performance healthcare support
Three organizations will be selected through an open call and each program implemented with them

Subject organizations and performances:
Programs will run from 1-2 months prior to performances until the day of performances

“The Children’s Hour”
Thursday 12 – Tuesday 24 December 2019
Studio Yui (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

b) Tokyo City Ballet 
“Sleeping Beauty”
Saturday 15 – Sunday 16 February 2020
Tiara Koto (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

c) Naoya Aoki Group Work Project
CPK GALLERY (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
(The performance scheduled for March 24 was recorded as a video work after being canceled due to coronavirus)

Year 2 project outline
(1) Performance healthcare support
Programs will be implemented with a focus on performers appearing in subject performances by the three organizations
Program content for each organization will be based on feedback from the first year and will be implemented under a stronger relationship of trust to enhance effectiveness.
Information sharing on infection prevention and countermeasures against the spread of coronavirus will also be added to the key measures.

Subject organizations and performances
“The Investigation”
Thursday 12- Sunday 20 September 2020
Kinokuniya Southern Theatre Takashimaya (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

b) Tokyo City Ballet
“Uwe Scholz SelectionⅡ”
Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 January 2021
Tiara Koto (Koto-ku, Tokyo)

c) zer〇 (formerly called Naoya Aoki Group Work Project ) 
“Deflect Slope”
Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 December 2020
Musashino Geino Theater (Musashino City, Tokyo)

(2) “Healthcare pit”
An initiative enabling artists including freelance ones to work on their health when not performing
・Training video collection released online
・Individual consultations (online)
・Online course (4 lectures): “Anatomy and conditioning for ballet teaching”

(3) Trainer information exchange
Specialty trainers supporting the artists will provide reports, creating an opportunity for medical professionals and trainers to share information.
Online event “Trainer meeting: a report on practices in rehearsal studios and theaters” featuring 3 trainers as speakers

Year 3 project outline
While continuing the “performance healthcare support” program with subject organizations, the “healthcare pit” initiative will be rolled out for use by any artist engaged in creative work.
This stage of the project is designed to provide and work towards an environment where artists are able to take the initiative with care and training in theaters, rehearsal studios, and other dedicated facilities.
Name of activities in Year 3: “Crossing! Performance healthcare support and “healthcare pit””

(1) Performance healthcare support
*Including pandemic-related information sharing and corresponding support

Subject organizations and performances
“Fact Check”
Friday 17 – Sunday 26 September 2021
Kinokuniya Hall (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)

b) Tokyo City Ballet
“Triple bill 2022”
March 10, 2021 (postponed from January 22/23)
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Taito-ku, Tokyo)

c) zer〇
Saturday 26 – Sunday 27 July 2020
Atelier Dai Q Geijutsu (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)
Support for the zer〇 performances will consist solely of coronavirus infection prevention measures. Check-ups and care will be available year-round under the “healthcare pit” initiative.

Lectures, workshops
a)For SEINEN GEKIJO (actors/production staff)
・“Relieving stiffness in the neck, shoulders and lower back, relaxation, training, breathing”)
・“Taking care of your voice”

b)For Tokyo City Ballet (dancers/instructors)
“Strategy meeting for more dance capability” Total of 4 sessions (lectures and workshops)

c)For zer〇 (dancers, choreographers)
“Alexander Technique experience”

(2) “Healthcare pit” Total of 6 days (40-50-minute sessions)
An initiative to be made widely available. May be used by people who are not members of the above organizations.
1. Check-ups by doctors, training
2. Personal care/training

(3) Information sharing (various workshops/lectures)
・“Anatomy and conditioning for ballet teaching” Online course in 4 lectures
・Online event “Artists’ talk”
“The “expressive bodies” of dancers and actors: a report on the experience of performance healthcare support”

Naoya Aoki(zer〇 leader, choreographer/dancer)
Tetsu Itakura(SEINEN GEKIJO) (actor)
Mika Koizumi(SEINEN GEKIJO) (actor)
Saori Hirata(Tokyo City Ballet) (dancer)
Kenta Fukuda(Tokyo City Ballet) (dancer)

・A report of this project will be made available online

* Each of the above programs will be carried out by 18 specialists including doctors, physiotherapists, speech therapists, judo therapists, and athletic trainers


Total Health Care for Artists Japan(=THCAJ)

THCAJ is an initiative whose aims are to provide artists in Japan with a variety of health care support, to help them establish themselves as professional artists, and to promote the development of the field of art medicine and science.


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