What we do

Crossings ~ Tokyo × Seoul, Dance×Music ~

  • Organization : Crossings
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


A performance of four new works by young composers from Japan and Korea for violin, clarinet, piano, electronics and dancers. In creating these pieces, the composers focused on dance as a temporal art like music, using motion as sound and sound as motion / visual information in the same way.

Performance program
Noriaki Mori:Watering - Mapping experiment in different contexts for 7 performers
Park Myunghoon:Mudong - for violin, bass clarinet in Bb, piano and dancers
Lim Seunghyuk:Turn up – for clarinet in Bb, dancers and Live-electronics
Shunsuke Azuma:Lines – for musicians and dancers

Phidias Trio (Violin: Maiko Matsuoka, Clarinet: Ryuta Iwase, Piano: Erika Kawamura)
Electronics:Hideaki Isobe
Composers: Shunsuke Azuma, Noriaki Mori, Park Myunghoon, Lim Seunghyuk
Performers: Aoki Naoya Groupwork Project (Ayumi Kondo, Nana Murakawa, Momoka Kihara, Kenji Osako, Izumi Shibata, Kaede Takaya, Naoya Aoki)

Video footage: Mitsuo Nakamura
Publicity art/photography: Satoshi Yamada
Reception staff: Minako Hoshi, Rika Matsuda
Stage staff: Akira Ito, Minami Nakanishi


A project established in 2018 for the purpose of expanding the regional framework of art, rethinking different countries and cities centered on Japan as one region from a larger perspective through the intersection of experience and personal experience.

Moreover, without limiting the scope of expansion to one of region and considering art forms like music, dance, and art as sharing the same “expressive method,” the project presents ambitious experiments and works that suggest the possibility of new receptivity to visual and auditory information, including sound and body movement; something which can occur when movement, sound and space are constructed anew through the meeting (intersection) of artists in each individual field.


Shunsuke Azuma


Open Rechersal
ballet studio blanc, Bunkyo City, Tokyo

Tokyo Concerts Lab., Shinjyuku City, Tokyo