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Yuki Onuma Dance performance “Magnetismo”

  • Organization : Breña
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Yuki Onuma, a dancer who follows the roots of flamenco with her traditional technique and improvisation style, a trend rare in Japan, brought together on stage José Gálvez, a prestigious gypsy singer and guitarist from Spain, Yuka Imaeda, one of Japan´s leading flamenco singers, and Mano Shimojima, a young and energetic Japanese cellist. On stage Yuki Onuma became a magnetic force to bring about the best of the performers.
She chose not to use a large theater but the small music hall “MUSICASA” so that the audience could enjoy the stage at a close distance. By doing so, she wanted to let the people feel the power of communication that lies in the overwhelming strength of music and dance.

Main cast : Yuki Onuma(Dance), José Gálvez(Guitar Cante), Yuka Imaeda(Cante), Mano Shimojima(Cello)
Choreography/supervision : Yuki Onuma Lighting : Masami Inoue (Exart Matsuzaki) Sound : Hiroshi Nitta (Pacific art center inc) Costume : Mitsue Kodaka, Kyoko Kitamura Advertising art : Kaoruko Akiyama Recitation : Yukijiro Hotaru Production : Noriko Kishi 


Breña Yuki Onuma
After graduating from college, Onuma studied butoh. Then she was attracted to flamenco and moved to Spain. She went to Madrid, Seville and Jerez in search of flamenco’s roots. She was eventually recognized in Spain as a dancer who approached the essence of flamenco. She went on to become the first Japanese to perform at “Suma flamenca” festival in Madrid. Once she returned home, she produced “Espontánea”, a series of performances that brought to Japan several prestigious gypsy artists from Spain. It is worth mentioning that “Espontánea” received the support from Maruwa, a foundation that promotes flamenco in Japan, and Yuki Onuma was awarded the “Newcomer’s Prize” in the Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival (Dance Division) for “Espontánea IV”.


Yuki Onuma
Jyosai building B1F,5-32-6,Nakano,Nakano-ku,Tokyo 164-0001
E-mail : info@yuki-onuma.com


MUSICASA, Shibuya City, Tokyo