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Ensemble NOMAD Regular Concerts #67-68 “Encounter Vol.2-3”

  • Organization : Ensemble NOMAD
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


The annual theme for 2019 was “Encounter”. Through music old and new, we tried to bring about the essence of encounters in many forms and ways. In Concert #67, D.Kinowaki presented a new arrangement of Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erder using Chinese instruments, having been inspired by the original Chinese text to this work. This composition was accompanied by Kinowaki’s other compositions based on tests, as well as Dai Fujikura’s Letter to the World, based on texts by W. Blake and E. Dickinson. Through adaptation and metaphoric use of texts in music, the programme portrayed a rich and vibrant possibility of “Encounter” in music.
In Concert #68, NOMAD embarked on a new endeavor, commissioning works from selected composers (this time, Y.Matsudaira, N.Sakata, H.Vazques and arrangement by N.Nakagawa of M.Kitazume’s composition). Except D.Fujikura’s Shamisen Concerto, which was Japanese premiere, all the other 4 compositions received their world premiere, making this a highly challenging and exciting programme.


Ensemble NOMAD
Formed in 1997, Ensemble NOMAD has been highly acclaimed both nationally and internationally as one of the leading ensembles in the world specializing in the 20th-century and contemporary music, with its unique, infinitely flexible and spontaneous programming in the concerts and high-quality performance. Winner of “KEIZO SAJI Prize 2003” and “The Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Award 2014”, the ensemble has appeared in most major contemporary music festivals around the world. 19 CDs are available worldwide.


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