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Asian Drama Exchange 2019

  • Organization : AsianRib
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This project saw readings of eight plays in Japan and Taiwan as well as this performance, by a theater company characterized by having a translator within the unit. But drama translation is only the starting point of creation; readings act as warm-ups for performances going forward, created as they are together with people involved in theater overseas, with a found common language to use as fodder for future creation.

•Reading of Japanese plays in Taiwan (Taipei and Chiayi)
“The Other Story of Ah-Q”
Written by: Ken Miyamoto
Translated by: Rieko Yamazaki, Lin Menghuan, Wu Minglun
Directed by: Tao Weijyun

“Abuku-tatta Ni-tatta”
Written by: Minoru Betsuyaku
Translated by: Rieko Yamazaki, Hunghung
Directed by: Huang Yuching

Written by: Onoma Riko
Translated by: Rieko Yamazaki, Lin Menghuan
Directed by: E-RUN

•Main performance of Taiwanese drama in Tokyo
“A Dog’s House”
Written by: Lin Menghuan
Translated by: Rieko Yamazaki
Directed by: E-RUN

•Readings of 5 Asian plays in Tokyo
Korea: “Probability of getting 300K won for Christmas” / “Powder Love”
Written by: Oh Sehyeok
Translated and directed by: Hong Myunghwa

Taiwan: “Goodbye”
Written by: Chen Hungyang
Translated by: Rieko Yamazaki
Directed by: Shiho Uemoto

Taiwan: “Smoking has health effects “High””
Written by: Hunghung
Translated by: Yoei Noda
Directed by: E-Run

Thailand: “4Season”
Written and directed by Shogo (Shogo Tanikawa)


Asian Rib
A theatrical unit launched in January 2017, this platform for the introduction and production of stage works aims to strengthen theatrical exchange among Asian countries, while its members continue with their respective projects. In August 2018, the unit received great acclaim for the world premiere of the new Taiwanese play “The Brotherhood” at Theatre Moliere Shinjuku. In 2019 the group staged six Asian plays in Japan as part of Asian Drama Exchange 2019, as well as three Japanese plays in Taiwan. In 2020 the group also held readings in Malaysia of Japanese plays in translation. In the third year since its establishment, the unit is slowly connecting Asia through theater.

Based on the philosophy that plays/the theater are a forum for bringing people and ideas together, in her work Yamazaki uses theater as a means of exchange in Asia, chiefly by delivering theater to local audiences through creative collaboration with local project members on theatrical works she translates herself.
Her characteristic creations boldly incorporate Chinese cultural elements as well as social phenomena, reducing the distance between the drama and the audience, and making the audience feel the drama is something happening close to them rather than making them feel they are watching a foreign play.


Asian Rib
E-mail : asianrib@gmail.com


Chiayi Perfoming Arts Center, Chiayi/Taiwan
Yamabuki Factory, Shinjuku City, Tokyo
Wanizhall, Nakano City, Tokyo