What we do

Re-creation of Cinema With Performance

  • Organization : charm point
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This project reexamines and recreates the possibilities of cinema today in the 21st century when movies (cinema) have been digitized.
The group premiered its new work from the standpoint that film has been a media-based performance presenting an image by fusing existing forms of artistic expression ever since it was invented. The group has also taken the project overseas

New performance: “Seisosuru onna” (“A Woman who cleans up”)
Performers: Tomoko Ando, Ikuyo Kuroda
Songs: Junko Sato
Direction: Kei Shichiri
Script: Minori Shinsaku, Kei Shichiri

Overseas performance program
“Once Upon A Dream,” “Necktie,” “Music as Film (Performance Version)”
Realtime voice-over and remix: Tomomi Adachi

“Salome’s Daughter, Acousmonium,” “Titre à venir”
Music performance: Tomonari Higaki
Video appearance: Gozo Yoshimasu


charm point
Founded by film director Kei Shichiri to create and present works that transcend the boundaries of existing genres of expression. In addition to continuing with creative activities that expand cinematic expression such as the “Movies from Sound” project, the group organizes the lecture series “Within Films, After Films, Film Borders,” a public forum for
discussing these experiments and the issues they raise.


charm point


Drama-Kan Theatre, Shinjuku City, Tokyo , LICHTBLICK-KINO, Berlin, Germany, Le CUBE, Paris, France