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chelfitsch “Eraser Mountain” in New York

  • Organization : chelfitsch
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


chelfitsch performed its first new work in three years, “Eraser Mountain,” at leading New York venue NYU Skirball Center, known for its cutting-edge programming. It was the first overseas performance for the work following its world premiere at The Kyoto Experiment festival in October 2019. This staging also integrated the “EIZO-Theater” that chelfitsch has concentrated on developing since 2018 in its attempt to take a new approach to language and the body of the actors.
“Eraser Mountain” concept
“Eraser Mountain” centers on the “human measure” that is often applied to human activity. The intention is to present an entirely new theatrical way of thinking by attempting to break free from anthropocentric methodologies, and according objects their selfhood. The work’s concept is further defined – albeit embodied in unexpected ways – in the work of collaborating artist Teppei Kaneuji, whose dynamic creations interpret and visualize the “layers” hidden in everyday objects and how we see them.

Writer/director: Toshiki Okada
Scenographer: Teppei Kaneuji


The company’s purpose is to contribute to the promotion and development of artistic and cultural activities. Aiming to create theater that responds to contemporary society using new methodologies, the troupe incorporates contemporary speech and physicality into exceedingly everyday subjects and themes in order to give more realistic expression to the social ideas of our time.


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NYU skirball center, New York City, USA