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Aya Momose solo exhibition I.C.A.N.S.E.E.Y.O.U

  • Organization : Aya Momose
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Production of a new video work by Aya Momose and opening of a solo exhibition “I.C.A.N.S.E.E.Y.O.U.”
For her first solo exhibition in Tokyo for three years, Aya Momose brought together three new pieces, “I.C.A.N.S.E.E.Y.O.U,” “Jokanaan,” and “Social Dance.” These pieces employ physical gestures like visual language to explore such issues as the asymmetry between the one who is seeing and the one who is seen, and the staggering discrepancies in our relationships and interactions with others. Also involved in the planning and implementation of the exhibition held at the artist-run space EastFactoryArtGallery in East Tokyo were Ichiro Fujimoto (production manager), Miwa Negoro (exhibition curator), Atsushi Kumagai (graphic design) and EFAG EastFactoryArtGallery’s Atsushi Adachi (venue set-up). A four-way discussion was held on the last day of the exhibition featuring video artist/filmmaker Yu Araki, Momose, Fujimoto and Negoro.


Aya Momose
Born in 1988, cur¬rent¬ly lives and works in Tokyo. Momose com¬pleted an MFA in Oil Painting, at Musahino Art U¬ni¬ver¬si¬ty in 2013. Her re¬cent solo ex¬hi¬bi¬tions include: “Bor¬row¬ing the Other Eye” (ESPACE DIAPHANES, Berlin, 2018), “Voice Sam¬ple” (Yokohama Mu¬se¬um of art, 2014). She has participated in group ex¬hi¬bi¬tions “Hap¬pi¬ness is Born in the Guts” (Mu¬nic¬i¬pal Gal¬ler¬y Arsenał, Poznan, 2019), “Roppongi Cross¬ing 2016: My Body, Your Voice” (Mori Art Mu¬se¬um, 2016), “Art¬ist File 2015 Next Doors: Con¬tem¬po¬rar¬y Art in Japan and Korea” (The Na¬tion¬al Art Center, Tokyo and Na¬tion¬al Mu¬se¬um of Mod¬ern and Con¬tem¬po¬rar¬y Art, Korea, 2015-2016), and “SENSOU-GA STUD¬IES” (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Mu¬se¬um, 2015).




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