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Research that expands the potential of movie audio guide producers as human resource development and viewing tools

  • Organization : Joint company Chupki
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  • Type of Grant Program : Single


In this project, Joint company Chupki trained human resources for audio guide producers, including subtitle reading, using three classic Western movies of different genres, “Station Coach”, “34th Street Miracle” and “Casablanca”. The resulting audio guide was heard by the general public at the time of the screening, and a questionnaire survey was conducted to explore its potential as a movie watching tool. After the screening, they held a workshop “What is a movie?” and verified whether the audio guide is effective as a device to bring out the movie and the fun of the movie. They held a workshop on “Station Wagon Edition” on September 29th and “Miraculous Edition on 34th Street” on December 22nd. The workshop on “Casablanca Edition” scheduled to be held in March 2020 is, It was discontinued to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. (The workshop planning and facilitator was in charge of Kenta Hayashi, the representative of the “Art Appreciation Workshop for the Visually Impaired”.)


Joint company Chupki
A movie theater established by the City Lights, a barrier-free movie-watching promotion organization that has been creating movie-watching environments for the visually impaired since 2001, collecting funds in 2016. Japan’s first universal theater that provides not only visually impaired people, but also hearing impaired people, developmentally disabled people, wheelchair users, customers with small children, and other people with various disabilities to watch movies with peace of mind. Produce audio guides and Japanese subtitles for movies, and conduct universal screenings every day. We also hold seminars and workshops on a regular basis.


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