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“Toru no fue”the 11th Toru Fukuhara Concert

  • Organization : “Toru no fue”Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


The appeal of the flute, which is a traditional Japanese musical instrument, and the variety of tones and musicality of the flute are clarified, and through collaboration works with performers of other genres, future flute music and new Japanese music Furthermore, we will pursue new musical possibilities.

1 Yamazakura no uta
2 Yuya
3 Richard Ⅲ’s Monologue
4 A Chloris
5 Sennen no sakura


Toru Fukuhara
Introduced to Sanzaemon Takara IV, after graduating from the Department of Japanese Music at Tokyo University of the Arts, continued classical performance activities such as Nagauta and Hayashi concerts, Japanese dance and Kabuki, and overseas performances as a Japanese music flute. Work on composition centered on. In 2001, he won the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival Grand Prize at the first concert “Toru no Flute”. Since then, he has performed 10 recitals, and since 2002, he has held 6 new concerts every other month. He has been a lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts, Seisen Women’s University, Ritsumeikan University, etc., and is a lecturer at NHK Culture Center.


Shigeru Kurokoji
”Toru no fue”Executive Committcee
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