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Dance ga mitai! 22 - The Constitution of Japan

  • Organization : “DANCE GA MITAI!” Executive Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Since it came into effect in 1947, the Constitution of Japan has been held up as the foundation of the state. In addition to the willingness shown by the present administration towards amendment of the Constitution, the recent situation with coronavirus has led to more people reconsidering the meaning of the Constitution. For this project six pieces were performed which confront the words of the Constitution through the medium of dance.
Along with the repeat performance of two award-winning works from sister project, the dance competition Newcomer series 18, in all eight pieces will be performed during the event.

Participating groups: Mari Fukutome x Aokid, Von・no’s, Risa Yada, Mizuki Taka, Yukio Suzuki, Ryohei Kondo, Baraba Okuyama, Akira Kasai


“DANCE GA MITAI!” Executive Committee

The Dance ga mitai! Executive Committee was newly launched by former members of the small theater “die pratze” (which closed its doors in 2012), together with performers and critics who were involved in die pratze’s festival “Dance ga mitai!” They continue to carry out planning and production centering on the Dance ga mitai! project. Its sister project, the competition “Dance ga mitai! Newcomer Series,” has been held 18 times as of 2020. The group’s current representative is Keiichi Hayashi, who took over the post from Jiro Yoshimura in July 2012.


Keiichi Hayashi
“DANCE GA MITAI!” Executive Committee


Theater d-soko, Arakawa-City, Tokyo