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Iwabuchi Teita Body Map Dance Performance “Gold Experience”

  • Organization : Iwabuchi Teita Body Map
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Teita Iwabuchi pursues innovation in physical expression through his study of Butoh, martial arts, neuroscience, etc. Inspired by a martial arts principle, he developed his “matrixed body” method of fundamental expression which views the body as being “inscribed” with three core strata of history and memory – the individual, the cultural, and the biological. Based on the concept that the voice too is a form of dance, he has rendered breathing and sound as dance, coming as they do from deep within the body.

Choreography/direction: Teita Iwabuchi
Performance: Anna Irite, Yu Kitagawa, Haruka Wakuta, Teita Iwabuchi
Music/live music performance: Masashi Nukata
Stage design: Itaru Sugiyama


Iwabuchi Teita Body Map
Since researching Butoh and Bujutsu (Japanese martial arts), Teita Iwabuchi tries to create oriental and ancient oriented body. He convinced the Butoh is the greatest resource, and his expression is partly influenced by Butoh dancer the late Ko Murobushi. Through reinterpretation, now he aims to create unique expression different from the legacy.


Iwabuchi Teita Body Map


Kichijyoji Theatre, Musashino City, Tokyo