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Fundamentalz Bazaar

  • Organization : Japan Association of Communication for Science and Technology
  • Section : Support for Projects Offering Visions for the Future
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Date/time: Sunday, August 2, 2020 – Friday, June 4, 2021
Venue: Online
A series of eleven online “Fundamentalz Talk” seminars will be held once a month for the purpose of enhancing exchange on the day of “Fundamentalz Bazaar.” Speakers comprise Yukinobu Toda (mathematics), Sho Yamaguchi (philosophy),Hokto Kazama (neurology),Takuya Nakao (art critic/art studies),Koji Hashimoto (theoretical physics), Hideo Iwasaki (biology and bio art), Kenta Kodaira (art studies/hermeneutics), Satbyul Kim (visual anthropology), Maiko Jinushi (art), Shinichiro Higashi (history of science), Takehito Yoshida (ecology/limnology),and Kenjiro Okazaki (sculpture/criticism).

Date/time: Saturday, June 5 – Sunday, June 6, 2021
Venue: Miraikan, 7F Conference Room Jupiter (Odaiba, Tokyo)
Over two days, 20 scientists and artists assembled chiefly through an open call will exchange and interact in four different ways at a special venue. Part of the event, exchange sessions moderated by philosophers, will be streamed live without an audience. As well as watching the event, viewers may also participate in exchange sessions with fellow viewers if they wish. Participating will be:
Mutsuo Ishikawa (medical engineering),Tomohiro Ishizu (neuroaesthetics),Toshiaki Ichinose (urban environmental studies), Shuichiro Tomita (developmental biology),Hiraku Nakajima (geometric representation theory), Takahiro Hatano (non-equilibrium physics),Tomohiro Fujita (astrophysics),Nobuaki Mizumoto (behavioral ecology), Taketoshi Minato (surface and interface science), Hannes Raebiger (condensed matter physics), Ushio, Azu Kimura, Mayumi Kuronuma, Kenichi Sawazaki, Saki Furuya, Koji Maekawa, Emi Mizukami, Kazuaki Yamane, Atsushi Yamamoto, and Nerhol. Participants from the field of philosophy will comprise Kota Umeda (German philosophy), Shunsuke Kuwahara (aesthetics), Kenta Kodaira (German philosophy), and Rei Nagai (ethics).


【Japan Association of Communication for Science and Technology】
The Japan Association of Communication for Science and Technology founded in 2007 is an independent support organization that aims to share issues in PR and communications activities and provide mutual assistance between members currently comprising roughly 200 press officers from around 130 institutions. The public relations subcommittee that collaborates with adjacent fields is one of the subcommittees within JACST. For example, it engages in the practical study of PR activities in collaboration with fields considered to be interconnected with science, such as art and philosophy.


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