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Shion SAHARA Composition Exhibition vol.3 Story and Music

  • Organization : Shion SAHARA
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Music


This exhibition of composition vol.3 “Story and Music” was intended to be the foundation of an opera that is planning to write and compose in the future. There is a lot of abstract contemporary music in the world, but in this project, I aimed to present works that are easy to convey to many people. To that end, I took in the themes and stories of words and drew contemporary music works that are inseparable from society and that can be greatly sympathized by various people or that give them an opportunity to think for themselves.

Soprano: Akane Kudo
Piano: Machiko Shoju
Koto: Miki Yamamizu
Contrabass: Yoji Sato
Percussion: Mizuki Aita
Ichitaro Inoue, Masamichi Kinoshita, Tadahisa Nakamura, Nanako Fujishige

Program (8 works):
・ Sougaku-By Shuntaro Tanikawa’s poem- (2018) {13 minutes} Koto
・ Three small stories {4 × 3 = 12 minutes} Soprano & Piano * New piece premiere
(* Philosophy and social issues are dealt with based on Aesop’s story.)
・ Fe (2019 / Revised Edition Premiere) {16 minutes} Vibraphone & Contrabass
・ Kaleidoscope Shabon (2016) {12 minutes} Koto & Piano
・ Eternity-By Arthur Rimbaud’s Poem- (2018 / Revised Premiere) {3 minutes} Soprano & Piano
・ Music picture book “Yovivoen goes to Indonesia (picture: Megumi Kimura)” {15 minutes} Narration & Koto & Gender & Piano * New piece premiere
(* Handles history in Indonesia and the concept of “unification in diversity”.)
・ Petorun Kamuy (2018) {7 minutes} Vibraphone
・ Mono opera “Schrödinger’s Cats” {17 minutes} Soprano & Koto & Percussion & Contrabass & Piano * New piece premiere (* Thinking about living from the perspective of quantum physics and philosophy)


After graduating from the Department of Social Welfare, Faculty of Sociology,Kwansei Gakuin University,Sahara worked at a trading company and the Institute for Disaster Reconstruction Systems, and at the age of 27, re-entered the Department of Composition,,Faculty of Music,Tokyo University of the Arts. She studied her composition under Takashi Sawauchi, Shin Ishihara, Masakazu Natsuda, Akio Yasuraoka, Norio Fukushi and Junmei Suzuki. Her recent style is inexhaustible due to tonality, and while pursuing a world view that matches each song title, many are colorful, intense, and powerful. She has held her solo exhibition of composition up to vol.3. In 2018 and 2020,”Jewel Beetle Wings, Its Knot” ,”The Snow” ,”Chiune” were premiered in Lithuania. She also teaches piano,solfege and composition theory,and produces music score and writes music analysis. She is a science and mathematics cram school teacher. She is a piano instructor at the Japan College of Arts.




Suginami Public Hall Small Hall