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Tokyo Butoh Circus 2021

  • Organization : Shinonome Butoh
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Tokyo Butoh Circus is a festival in which audiences can enjoy the diversity and possibilities of Butoh in Tokyo, the genre’s birthplace. The fact that Butoh has come to be embraced and revered outside Japan is not only because it has the exotic appeal of an indigenous-flavored and mysterious ritual enacted by Japanese people, but also probably because Butoh offers a unique spectacle such as people have never seen before. Under the theme of “Butoh as spectacle,” ten Butoh artists/groups will present a diverse and breathtaking array of Butoh performances in a festival set to inspire a renewed sense of the thrill of Butoh.


Shinonome Butoh
Formed in 2000.
Its works searching for avant-garde expression that evolves with the times have received high acclaim overseas. Leader Yuko Kawamoto, who studied under Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata, has her own way of exploring the Hijikata style she inherited as a third-generation disciple, working on projects to create and promote Butoh under the motto “exploring the possibilities and diversity of Butoh.” Kawamoto’s enlightened and high-level acting abilities have also led her to expand her field of activities outside of Butoh.


Maki Tojo
Shinonome Butoh
5-1-5-601, Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo


Tokyo Ryogoku Theater X (Sumida-ku, Tokyo)