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"Bari Princess Myth" Japan-Korea Cultural Exchange Project

  • Organization : Life Art Union
  • Section : Support for Overseas Artistic Creation in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


A masterpiece of shamanistic mythology that has been handed down from ancient times in Korea.
With the original script based on “Princess Bari Myth”
A direction based on Nogaku, and A performance of a creative Noh(music dance drama) based on the collaboration of dance, music, and narrative based on the techniques of Japanese and Korean classical performing arts.
Along with the performance, lecture workshop on Korean dance and music, Noh music and dance will also be held.


【Jinya Imai】
Learned Nogaku from his grandfather from an early age, and performed for the first time in his teens. After that, he graduated from the National Noh Theater trainee, Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, and after appearing in many Noh stages, he went to France to study contemporary theater and contemporary dance. She won the Japan Directors Association Outstanding Director Award.

From the works of French choreographers such as Philippe Dukfle and Pascal Uban as performers with local and global physicality, Jerome Bel “Shartology (Solo)” “Show Must Go On”, London’s “Sir Come Stance” In addition to appearing in many of his conceptual stage works, in Japan, the stage directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida, tyoku Kato, yorozu Ikuta, Osamu Matsumoto, Yukio Shiba, Momoko Shiraga, etc. He has been active in a wide range of fields from contemporary drama to contemporary dance, such as appearing on the stage of OM-2, Port B, etc. He presides over the art performance unit “MegaloTheatre”. He is the representative of the Silk Road Noh Theater. He is active as a director. He also actively participates in outreach activities and holds workshops at facilities for the disabled and elementary, junior high and high schools. He has written, directed, and musiced many new Noh plays based on myths and folk tales at home and abroad.

He is also active as a freelance drum player across genres, both domestically and internationally. From classical to jazz to contemporary music, he pursues the potential of playing small drums with his powerful voice and drum tones.


Jinya Imai
TEL: 080-6705-1359
E-mail: info@lifeartunion.com


Umewaka Noh Theatre(Nakano City, Tokyo)