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Border Line in TOKYO Junrei

  • Organization : Border Line in TOKYO Junrei Executive Committee
  • Section : Support for Overseas Artistic Creation in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


In Border Line in TOKYO Junrei project, Ono Masako, world famous Indian classical dancer born in Japan, meets a lot of people from various field here in Tokyo. Through these meetings, a new form of art emerges, combining Indian spirit and exciting Tokyo culture. In spite of difficult situation under COVID-19, 17 meetings were materialized since November 2020, which lead to the climax performance in Theater East of the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater in July 18. Unfortunately, the performance was close to the public, but, together with the scenes from meetings, video was released from 1st September onwards. Also, the exhibition “Odyssey Design” was organized in Seibu Department Store, Ikebukuro and showed the video and costumes created for the project.
Participants involved in this project were Noboru Sano, Noh dancer, Mana Hashimoto, blind dancer, Takeshi Ogasawara, Media artist, Tomoya Rikiishi, Media artist, Issho Fujita, Zen monk, SAM, dancer, students from Bunka Fashion College and Seisen Women’s University and many more.

【Border Line in TOKYO Junrei / Digest movie(5min)】


【Border Line in TOKYO Junrei Executive Committee】
The Executive Committee was established solely to implement Border Line in TOKYO Junrei project. The Committee comprised of Odisshi dancer Masako Ono, Mudra Foundation (Indian NPO), Mudra Japan (general incorporated Association), Lucy+K (corporation) and others.


Koyama Nanako
Vice President
Border Line in TOKYO Junrei Executive Committee
2-6-39, Yanaka, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0001
E-mail: mudra_japan@gmail.com