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Geino-kadensha club

  • Organization : GEIDANKYO, the Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Hands-on experience event
Nihon Buyo, Nagauta Shamisen, Rakugo

Number of sessions (per person/including presentations, etc.)

Principal instructors
Hanayagi Shotaro (Nihon Buyo), Kineya Miori (Nagauta Shamisen), Shunputei Ryujaku (Rakugo), Mizumura-Kuno Mayumi (lectures)

Event features
In a curriculum that includes practice sessions giving participants hands-on experience of the three art forms of Nihon Buyo, Nagauta Shamisen and Rakugo, tours to see professionals performing in theaters, and special lectures in which participants learn about art and the body from an anatomical point of view, the course provides participants with the opportunity for comprehensive learning about the appeal and the values common to the traditional performing arts, something which would be difficult if participants experienced only one type of performing art. As well as being able to acquire knowledge and skills from leading instructors in the space of Geino-Kadensha, used by professional performing arts organizations, participants can also organize social events with professional performers and friends..

A framework enabling participants to continue with hands-on experience (practice) of traditional performing arts
Geino-Kadensha Club will continue to be held next year and beyond, serving as a source of continuous opportunities for cultural and artistic experience for people who wish to participate. It is undecided whether a new specialized course will be offered after next year, but participants who are interested in learning and practising a specific traditional performing art can be introduced to an appropriate instructor on an individual basis.


GEIDANKYO, the Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations
Geidankyo is a public interest incorporated association representing performers organizations and their individual members. It was established in 1965 to contribute to the development of the performing arts. It has managed performers’ neighboring rights collectively as well as promoting a variety of performing arts activities based on three concept; making an arrangement for enriching a cycle of creation, cultivating bearers of the future of performing arts, and creating chances for developing performing arts.


GEIDANKYO, the Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations
Geino-Kadensha, 6-12-30, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8374 JAPAN


Geino-kadensha, Shinjuku City, Tokyo