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Midori Kurata × Norimizu Ameya

  • Organization : Norimizu Ameya
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


In each of her works, Midori Kurata has faced up to herself and others, creating works from events that occur by standing together. Norimizu Ameya has continued to create works in numerous genres around the theme of his fundamental interest in life. The two met in 2019 when a collaborative project kickstarted their exchange. They were forced to cancel the project due to the spread of coronavirus but exchange between the two continued thereafter, and they shared constant dialogue prior to signing up for this work. With this project, which saw the two directors collaborating for the first time, the two produced their first video work and performance work. Taking as their subject matter their individual histories, seen intersecting in the video, and their respective locations, Kurata and Ameya forged ahead with the work, changing its form all the while. The Tokyo production was created according to a unique method in which the two worked individually in their respective locations and then brought their creations together. This was the final stage of the collaborative project “Midori Kurata × Norimizu Ameya,” with its experiments in production methods and forms of output.


Norimizu Ameya
Established his company after performing “Entrance Exit” at the Kunisaki Art Festival in 2012. In his pursuit of a unique form of expression developed through casting that preserves a documentary quality through the use of non-professional actors, as well as through site-specific creative methods, Ameya’s aim is to create works that continue to question the meaning of life itself. In February 2022 he presented his joint project with Midori Kurata, “Now Bathing, Zero-Minute Walk from Maison de Merci, Kofu Sumiyoshi, Adachi Ward, Mie Prefecture.”


Mizuki Tazawa
Norimizu Ameya
c/o precog co., LTD., 1-24-15, Kakinokizaka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo


BUoY, Adachi City, Tokyo