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Kuchibiru no tenkai2

  • Organization : Kuchibiru no kai
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This project entitled “Kuchibiru no tenkai2” comprised a run of three short theatrical pieces “Brothers at home,” “Smoking Area elegy,” and “Gum remover.”
The works performed under this project delicately portrayed the petty conflicts of people living in the city. Even events that are trivial from the perspective of others can often present serious problems for the person in question, and personal conflict is difficult to address as a social problem that needs thinking about, especially in urban areas. By sharing petty conflicts with the theater audience, these pieces presented an opportunity for each audience member to form a mental picture of the problems faced by their neighbors.
In addition, the appearance of five male actors – Hiroki Usudaira, Koudai Hori, Keisuke Kimura, Ryousuke Aonuma, and Yamato Fujiie – in two of the pieces gave the three works taken together a certain interrelationship, creating an urban ensemble drama with multi-layered nuances of meaning.


Kuchibiru no kai
Kuchibiru no kai is a Tokyo-based theatre company, headed by Taka YAMAMOTO, playwriter and theatre director, established in 2014. They collaborate with theatres all over Japan such as Toyohashi and Sendai, and make productions with high students and citizens in those cities.
Allied with Kichijoji Theatre in Tokyo, they started their original theatre program for kids called “Kami-Oshibai ” in 2019, incorporating Japanese original picture-story shows (Kamishibai) in their act (Oshibai).


Fumiko Kitazawa
Kuchibiru no kai


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