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Ensemble of piano at period of inception and cembalo at maturity (concert of Portuguese pi-ano, harpsichord and oboe)

  • Organization : MASAMITSU SANNOMIYA
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Music


This performance featured the first restored fortepiano to be made in Japan, based on one made by Joachim Jose Antunes in Lisbon in 1767.The Portuguese piano represented the dawn of the piano on the Iberian Peninsula, rare even in the wider world; here it is compared in performance with the harpsichord, a popular instrument that preceded and existed alongside the fortepiano of the time, in an event which has shed light on an era of coexistence.

Oboe: Masamitsu Sannomiya
Piano: Chie Hirai
Harpsichord: Makiko Mizunaga
Early keyboard instrument maker: Akira Kubota

Program: Scarlatti, Seixas and more
Staff: Matsuki Art Office


Graduated from Musashino Academia Musicae. Won second prize in the International Competition Musica Antiqua Bruges. Since 2008 he has been restoring and creating historical oboes together with Tsuguo Tamura. He has released the solo albums “Virtuoso Oboe,” “Le haut-bois romantique à Paris,” and “Widerkehr / Duo Sonatas.” Currently Principle Oboe of Bach Collegium Japan and L’orchestre d’avant-garde, and head of Ensemble Vin Santo. He is a lecturer on the Early Music Course in the Department of Instrumental Music at Tokyo Uni-versity of the Arts.


Ohmigakudo, Shinjyuku City, Tokyo