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Learn Everything

  • Organization : Fumiharu Sato
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


For their work “Learn Everything,” artist unit Fumiharu Sato +Hiroko Haraguchi collected as many examples of text (signage etc.) as they could from inside Hibiya Park, including from monuments and plants, explanatory notes on the park’s history and information for park visitors etc. The video installation based on the material they collected was presented in an area of the park library. With a focus on the (im)possibility of “learning everything,” and centering on a book containing chronologically-listed events drawn from signage etc., the installation comprised a video piece with performance, a bundle of bits of paper copied with all featured text (which visitors were free to take home), as well as a long video work randomly showing the artists doing the copying; and a drawing by the two artists of what they could remember of the park map. In addition to a linearly edited book in chronological order, and randomly bundled pieces of paper, the artists also created and distributed a handout containing all the text from the park. “Learn Everything” featured in the international art festival Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021.


Fumiharu Sato
Born in Nara Prefecture in 1989, Sato obtained a master’s degree from the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences in 2014. In 2011 he formed the artist unit Fumiharu Sato +Hiroko Haraguchi. Based on their existence as the smallest human network of two, the duo collaborates chiefly on video works and projects reflecting its interest in the “between” that both binds and separates. Recent works include the solo exhibition “twotwo” (Kanazawa Art Gummi, Ishikawa Prefecture, 2020), and installations at Tokyo Biennale 2020/2021 (the Hibiya Library & Museum, a Chiyoda public library, Tokyo, 2021).


Hibiya Library & Museum