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Gekijyotoshi TOKYO Engekisai

  • Organization : Gekijyotoshi TOKYO Engekisai Jikkouiinkai
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Metropolitan Tokyo boasts hundreds of large, medium and small-sized theaters, making it one of world’s leading cities for theater in proportion to its area size and population. However, it is unfortunately not the case that theater itself permeates the fabric of everyday life in the city.
Theater today is much divorced from the public sphere and the general public.
We are holding this theater festival with the aim of making theater something that is irreplaceable in the lives of many people, so that theater and theaters can demonstrate their essential appeal as they expand their public ties and integrate with communities and society.


【Gekijyotoshi TOKYO Engekisai】
Executive Committee Chairman Taizo Sayama
Sayama has been active as an actor since childhood.
After enjoying a career as an actor, Sayama became a scriptwriter and director, and launched Taizo kurabu. Following the change of the group’s name to “Yu-bokumin – NOMADE-”and its staging of four productions, the troupe put an end to the troupe format, making a start with “NOMADE SECOND SEASON” to explore a new theatrical approach unbound by the theater company framework. So it established the Japan Actors Factory, an actor training school catering to a small number of students. Since the closing of its actor training school, the group has managed the small theater Sun-mall studio in Shinjuku-ku. The group concentrates its efforts towards discovering and developing new talent with a focus on the small theater world.


Mizuki Mushiu
Chief of Secretariat
Gekijyotoshi TOKYO Engekisai Secretariat
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Theaters in Tokyo including Sun-mall studio