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Yumei “Musume”

  • Organization : Yumei LLC.
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


“Musume”(“Daughter”) is a story based on accounts of actual experiences. It depicts the family relationships between three generations – children, parents and grandparents- and circumstances surrounding the eras of Showa, Heisei and Reiwa. The married women characters who appear in this work have been users of the large online forum “Kikonjoseiita” (“Married Women’s Bulletin Board”) since the dawn of the internet. The backdrop to this is the influence of the spread of personal computers (principally Windows and Macintosh), which have made it possible for the individual’s words to be sent out into the world. “Musume” intertwines the myths of Juno, the ancient Roman goddess of marriage and Hera, the corresponding goddess of motherhood in Greek mythology, with personal experiences in Japan. The story it portrays goes from the postwar period to the 1990s when the Internet became widespread in the home, to the present day when the“myth of motherhood”ends.

Yumei “Musume”
Written and Directed by IKEDA Ryo

Scenography / Costume Design: YAMAMOTO Kie
Lighting Design: NAKANISHI Miki
Sound Design: SUZUKI Hajime
Projection Design: SHINBO Erika
Animation/Promotional Art: TANAKA Ryoko
Associate Director: IKEUCHI Fu
Stage Manager: TAKEI Yuki
Costume Supervisor: FUJIBAYASHI Sakura
Sound Assistant: WABAYASHI Natsumi
Projection Mapping operator: TANAKA Rika
Stage Assistant: KAJIWARA Akira
DTP Operator: OKADA Koyuki
Tickets: ADACHI Sari, GOTO Kaori
Associate Production Manager : UEUMURA Yuri
Production Manager: ITO Kana


Formed in 2015 as a collective which produces stage works, art works and video works. Taking as its starting point his own experiences and the voices of people around them who want to talk about themselves, Yumei vividly portrays environments and possibilities that change in a myriad of ways, and afterwards “presents” the ways reality has changed according to how it has been expressed artistically.
The collective’s aim is to find new perspectives and changes to reality by repeated resonance with/resistance against other people, generated by continuous expression and presentation.
Yumei gets its name from evening and morning, dark and light, this world and the next; the concept of human life moving from darkness into light, and the idea of what happens after death. From a name that often leads people to think the collective wants to be famous because the name Yumei is a homonym for “famous,” the group seeks to explore the concept of “things having other intentions,” like the origins of the group’s name.
Yumei does art production/direction/video production for NHK Educational TV, TOKYO MX etc. The collective also writes scrips for TV animations, and also engages in outside stage appearances, direction and art/design.

Playwright, director and visual artist. Born in 1982, Saitama Prefecture. Ikeda graduated from Tokyo University of Arts, Department of Sculpture of the Graduate School of Fine Arts. Ikeda is a founding member and representative of a creators’ collective “yumei” which produces and creates stage works, art works and video works. He belongs to PTA Inc. “Shape”, a stage work based on his real experience, was selected as the stage of the year 2019 by TV Bros journal and the best production of 2019 by Teatro, and it was restaged for the geigeki eyes series of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in 2021. In recent years, he has been writing numerous scripts for TV dramas or animations, music videos and other video works, as well as writing essays on web media.


Ryo Ikeda


The Suzunari, Setagaya Ctiy, Tokyo