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Pinkliberty “Bad View Room”

  • Organization : Pinkliberty
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Because of a signboard next door showing karaoke shop, you couldn’t see the view at all from the window of the room in that apartment in the suburbs of Tokyo. Natsuko Ino had died in that room. It was in the fall of her 25th year.
A few years later, Natsuko realized that Ichiro Tsushima, who had moved into the apartment, seemed to be able to see her. Ichiro didn’t have a lover and had few friends. Natsuko liked him.
Featuring as its protagonist a ghost who should not be visible to the living, the story of the play revolves around a monologue by Natsuko, the earthbound spirit in question.
Although it is a one-act work, the production makes considerable use of lighting to create a spatial effect of relationships between the ghost and numerous people intermingling.
Production staff who usually work on movies/videos filmed the play, which was streamed online in an edited version.

Hina Yukawa, Ikuma Nagatomo, Ayaka Onishi, Yui Kitamura, Yukari Saito, Satoshi Inagawa, Akihiro Furuno, Asuka Hamaru, Kazuhito Tomikawa
Written and directed by Tatsuya Yamanishi
Music by Yuji Watanabe


Theatrical unit with scriptwriting and direction by Tatsuya Yamanishi. Since its launch in 2016, pinkliberty has been based in Tokyo. The unit is characterized by a disturbing and hallucinatory style in which realistic everyday scenes mix with a strange world. Common to all the unit’s works is playwriting which depicts intrinsic human directionless and loneliness with humor, and sublimates it into empty yet beautiful scenes.


Tatsuya Yamanishi


Asakusa kyugeki, Taito City, Tokyo