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Oda Naotoshi’s play(s) “ It is Good ”

  • Organization : Naotoshi Oda
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Theater


This play deals with the earthquake disaster that happened in March 2011. In the performance, the scene in Tokyo immediately after the disaster is discussed through the characters, and connected to the thinking of Immanuel Kant and Viktor Frankl, putting forward the idea of a universal narrative from the personal experience of disaster. The performance took place in Tokyo’s Mitaka City, the setting of the work.

Performed by: Rei Kagata, Yuri Kimura, Yui Sawada, Mutumi Suzuki, Kiyoshi Hashimoto
Production staff
Script and direction: Naotoshi Oda
Music: Yusuke Harada
Sound: Shinta Fukushima
Video footage: Kyouhei Kawano
Publicity art: Manami Watanabe


Naotoshi Oda
Oda began playwriting in 2015. His aim is to create universal works that resonate “with anyone, anytime, anywhere.” Principal theatrical works include “It is Good” (2016), “About Evil”(2017), “Elevated Line”(2018, based on “Elevated Line” by Yusho Takiguchi), “Beyond Good and Evil”(2019),
“Sin and Love”(2020), and “Requiem”(2021).


Naotoshi Oda
Oda Naotoshi’s play(s)


SCOOL, Mitaka City, Tokyo