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  • Organization : Sayako Mizuta
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


A two-person exhibition by Akiko Hashimoto and Shiho Kano in which gallery visitors could book in advance to enjoy the works for a 90-minute time slot and have the exhibition space to themselves. The venue for the exhibition was the third floor of Loko Gallery, which is usually a place where artists can stay over while producing or installing works.
Hashimoto’s monochrome pencil works were placed in water or on shelves. Kano’s video installation expressed the accumulation of imperceptibly changing time, with video sounds blending with real sounds outside the exhibition space to give the visitor the feeling of not knowing where they were.
Centering around a shared theme of something feeling far away even though it is right there, the two artists created a space where the works continued off the screen/outside the frame and permeated the room.
Faced with a series of exhibition cancellations and postponements due to the pandemic in 2020, the exhibition was organized on the back of repeated dialogue and sharing of ideas between exhibition organizers Takashi Sawa and Sayako Mizuta and the two artists, and was based around the concept of allowing the viewer to spend extended time face to face with the works in a “room” of their own.


Sayako Mizuta
Sayako Mizuta works as a freelance-based curator, project manager and a coordinator for contemporary art exhibitions, festivals. Curated exhibitions: “MONO-KATARI: Beyond words” (Hillside Forum, 2019), “Alterspace: Constantly Changing Temporary Artspace” (Asahi Art Square, 2014), “Skin & Map: the study of body and sense by four artists” (Aichi art center, 2010). She has also worked as a lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University since 2015.


Sayako Mizuta


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