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Acchide Gayagaya, Kocchide Gayagaya

  • Organization : Gayagaya Club
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Gayagaya Club holds “Acchide Gayagaya” workshops involving going to the site of activities by neighboring groups, and “Kocchide Gayagaya” workshops involving gathering people to the site of its own activities. The plan was to put words, rhythms, and body movements encountered in these workshops together and present them as a piece of musical theater. However, after holding a total of six workshops and mini live performances, organizers were forced to cancel the musical theater presentation to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Direction and composition: Tamami Yamada
Music direction: Masami Noda
Percussion: Mizuki Aida


Gayagaya Club
Formed in 2003, this group focusing on people with mental disabilities in Nerima Ward organizes a monthly gathering of music and dance lovers for workshops and social interaction. Once a year, the group holds “Gayagaya Club,” where it presents the songs and dance that emerge from these playful sessions. In addition the group holds workshops for children: “Play with rhythm and the body,” “Playing with music: song and dance” and “Sing Gayagaya, dance Gayagaya.” Featuring guest musicians and dancers, these workshops create opportunities to share enjoyment with people in the community.


Kiri Kojima
Gayagaya Club


Hikarigaoka Community Center, Nerima City, Tokyo