What we do

Our legacy——through Agnes Martin, across Oceans and Is/Lands

  • Organization : Utako Shindo
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This international project explores the interdisciplinarity and the universality of ‘our legacy’ of Agnes Martin, an important artist of the 20th Century North American Art, through studying and demonstrating how certain cultures, thoughts and arts nurtured Martin, and how her art continues to inspire art practices of the next generations. Consequently, the project deepened my art practice that succeeds ‘it’ in its own manner, and led the production and exhibition of a body of new work in USA, entitled, the night falls and the day breaks. It also developed dialogues among the artists and the scholars friends, forming and sharing works and writings in opening an online space, named, ROOM 間 FOR FUTURE MEMORIES. scattered. Leading up to this project, my previous research, which investigated Martin’s ‘abstract expression’ as what is suggestive and inspirational for my own enquiry, ‘art’s embodiment of the untranslatable,’ presented the more expansive and rich research possibility that crosses different times, areas and disciplines. Thus, framed with an idea of ‘our legacy’, this new project articulated a fundamental awareness towards particular ‘space’ that is peaceful and creative, and opened ‘it’ physically and virtually to the world today where the division is excelled. In this sense, it can be possible to find the project both artistically and socially significant.


Utako Shindo
Utako Shindo is an artist, working internationally for her scholarly and artistic pursuit in the poetics of untranslatability. She obtains her interdisciplinary Ph.D. through the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Ideas, Australia. She has exhibited and held residencies in Australia, Japan, Mexico and U.S.A.. Her recent works explore ‘shadow’ in shade/light and lines drawn as they ‘transfer’ between darkness and light. As a 2018 Japanese government creative fellow, Shindo undertook her yearlong project in New Mexico, studying Agnes Martin’s ‘abstract expression’.


5. Gallery, Santa Fe, the United States of America