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Wailing of NOYAMA

  • Organization : DOGO
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


This exhibition was an attempt to contribute to greater promotion of arts and culture to the next generation by reappraising the indigenous culture that triggered surveys of imperial tombs at the end of the Edo era in Japan, and the values attributed to that indigenous culture, as well as by reappraising the feasibility of the avant-garde in contemporary Japanese art through a critique of spirituality,

Based on a concept by curator Yusuke Bamba, the exhibition featured paintings, photographs, performances, installations, and research materials by five artists: Nodoka Odawara, Yudai Kusuda, Sota Kodera, SATO Kiyoshi, and Takeshi Hyakuto.

Up-and-coming designer angie, currently a student, was asked to design the exhibition catalog, an ambitious undertaking that included four exhibition reviews by critics. Distribution centered on free copies to people involved in the industry, and to several facilities in Tokyo.

The whole project was principally managed by DOGO owner Yusuke Bamba, assistant curators Asuka Kurihara and Manabu Umino, auditor Shintaro Okada, and curator Toshiwo Watanabe, who was invited on board to assist.


An alternative art space in Tokyo’s Sumida-ku run by independent curator, Yusuke Bamba. DOGO began operations in June 2020 after affiliating with the art complex BUNKA UNION. Under the slogan “gaining territory in art history,” inspired by medieval local landowners (dogo), it hosts exhibitions focusing on young artists, publishes illustrated books/catalogs, and engages in other management related business in a small one-room white cube space.
The organization currently comprises owner Yusuke Bamba, assistant curators Asuka Kurihara and Manabu Umino, and auditor Shintaro Okada.


Yusuke Bamba


Room_412, Shibuya City, Tokyo