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“KANGAERU-ASHI” (Thinking Reeds)

  • Organization : NEM KiT
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The musical “Thinking Reeds” is the second original musical created by NEM KiT, a creators’ unit comprising writer/director/choreographer Rino Kumamoto and composer/music director Futa Toya. The thematic starting point of this project was the question, “What does everyone living in Japan today believe in?” At the end of 2021, participants were recruited from the public for workshops held over several days designed to explore this theme as research for the work.
For many people who identify as Japanese, the words belief, religion and god are often hazy or obscure concepts. However, this does not mean that they have no relation to individual views on life or guiding principles for living; and if you dig deeper, for some reason these concepts are a pillar that people can never give up, or people think of them as sensibilities they somehow have in common. During workshop discussions, amid gradually differing perceptions, there was even a moment when someone wondered whether it was possible that they themselves were a god. For this production, gods from Japanese mythology such as those from The “Kojiki” (The Records of Ancient Matters) and The “Nihon Shoki” (The Chronicles of Japan) were used as motifs for all the characters, and creation of the musical involved expanding the thematic scope to include family, community, roots, one’s hometown, etc. as forms of faith. As a musical originating in Japan, it constitutes a collage of mirror images, as it were, of the gods and of ourselves, interweaving seamless expression that uses numerous distinctive contemporary colloquialisms and movements, and a musical groove that incorporates sounds ranging from alternative country, locking/soul, pop and Japanese rap to folk songs.

Midori Onishi
Sayaka Okamura
Mare Kasuga
Chion Sato
Yuga Tsuzuku
Moeka Fukasawa
Natsuki Yamamoto

Production staff
Script/lyrics/direction/choreography: Rino Kumamoto
Composition/musical direction: Futa Toya
Assistant: Cocoro Yamamoto
Planned, produced and organized by: NEM KiT


Formed in 2019, NEM KiT is a creators’ unit whose aim is to create and produce original musicals, and which is made up of writer/director/choreographer/lyricist Rino Kumamoto and composer/musical director Futa Toya.
In 2021 the unit staged its first musical production, “Dripping In A Cabaret.”
Productions are often based on contemporary and everyday themes, and while the unit may have adopted the musical medium, Kumamoto and Toya challenge themselves to creating higher-quality and more true-to-life works by incorporating expressive methods in a variety of genres, according to the work.




SAMSA ASAGAYA, Suginami City, Tokyo