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『MY CASTLE』Dance Theater on the subject of Autism

  • Organization : HOLIDAYS
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Appearing in the production “”MY CASTLE”: Dance Theater on the subject of Autism” brought over from Germany and directed/choregraphed by Jean Sasportes were five dancers comprising Japan’s Eri Fukahori with Chikako Kaido, Sophia Otto, Faris Saleh, and Sasportes from Germany, and four musicians comprising the Japan-based Naoki Kita (music director) with Kazuhiro Tanabe, Miyama MacQueen Tokita, and Rutsuko Kumasaka. As well as spreading awareness of autism, this is a work promoting societal understanding by looking at disability in the same way as the limitations, impediments and everyday difficulties faced by people in general. There was also an interactive discussion with the foremost scholar of tojisha-kenkyu (self-directed research), Shinichiro Kumagaya, Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo, and Sasportes, who talked about gaining the power to promote understanding of autism from different perspectives and communicating it to society. In addition, there was a performance given by Ryotaro Yahagi, who is a dancer with Down’s Syndrome, Sasportes and others. The entire production tour was designed to promote understanding of not only “autism,” but also various other disabilities.


A performance group which started up in 2011 with Eri Fukahori at its center. Interweaving theater and contemporary dance to explore new ground in performing arts expression, the group places importance on the sense of humor that exudes from human beings to develop humorous works. It’s representative works include “Double Invitation,” “Gorsh,” “CHABUDAI,” and “BLANK.”
In 2022, the group planned and produced the festival “Beyond the sea 2022,” which aimed for artistic and cultural exchange between German and Japanese artists.


Eri Fukahori


Theater X, Sumida City, Tokyo
IZURUBA, Ota City, Tokyo
ENEOS Hall, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo, Meguro City, Tokyo