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Arte e Salute “Marat/Sade” ~Project linking psychiatric hospitals and expressive activities around the world~

  • Organization : Non profit organization, Tokyo Soteria
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project was implemented through cooperation between the director and performers of Arte e Salute, a professional theater group comprising patients who use the mental health services of Bologna’s regional health federation in the Emilia-Romagna area of Italy, with the aforesaid local mental health services. Incorporating interactive performance techniques combining video and live performance, the project was an attempt to find a more effective approach to theater through a theatrical piece put together by a large group of people from different regions, even though the actual number of performers at the venue was small. On World Mental Health Day, an unprecedented version of “Marat/Sade” was performed jointly between Japan and Italy using a combination of live stage performances and video. World Mental Health Day is an internationally commemorated day held on October 10 every year and established by the World Federation for Mental Health with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, the actual performance and talk session were linked online with psychiatric hospitals around the world as an initiative to directly connect expressive activities by the mentally challenged to hospitalized psychiatric patients. With its sights set on the theme of this year’s World Mental Health Day, “Connecting, Anywhere, For Anyone,” the project was implemented with the intention of expressing emotional and spiritual health and understanding to the world through high-quality works of art by people with and without mental disorders.


Non profit organization, Tokyo Soteria
Tokyo Soteria runs group home, community activity support center, continuous employment support office and home help service and so on, aiming to pursue the society which mentally disabled people can lead their lives in their community. These all activities based on Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with Disabilities.
Organization also putting effort into public awareness activity about mental disorder vigorously, such as providing lectures. By collaborating with Emilia-Romagna regional health united organization Bologna mental health service -addiction bureau, activities such as Japan-Italy joint employment support project will be continued.


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Non profit organization, Tokyo Soteria
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Venue: Istituto Italiano di Cultura Tokyo Anyerri Hall, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Online: Bologna, Italy