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Performing Arts Appreciation Support Courses

  • Organization : NPO Senior Theatre Network
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Participants on this course will learn about the support needed for people with disabilities when they attend stage performances.
People who work in theater companies and theaters as well as performers will participate in individual-oriented courses, which total 5 courses over 10 sessions and range from a “first step” session for grasping the basics to specific disability based learning.
Group-oriented courses will offer concrete lectures on both hardware and software, tailored to the individuality of the theater or production group and the locale. The most significant feature of the courses is that participants get to hear from disabled people themselves. We also provide training and work placements after the course for motivated participants.


NPO Senior Theatre Network
The NPO’s primary ventures are theatrical activities for the elderly and theatergoing support for people with disabilities and age-related disabilities.
Based in Shinjuku Ward, it works in partnership with organizations across the country. It was incorporated in 2012.


Ema Kujira
Senior Theater Network


Seinenza Theater Company (Shibuya City, Tokyo)
Miraikan Timei (Toshima City, Tokyo)
Haiyuza Theater (Minato City, Tokyo)