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Community Music Now and in the Future 2022

  • Organization : Monten
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This project is undertaken with the aim of understanding what community music is from a two-pronged approach of theory and practice, and of sharing ideas and thoughts on what constitutes community music with as many people as possible involved in this field, including artists, those in management positions, people working in welfare and government etc.
For the practical component, using the “Uta-no-Sumu-Ie Project” as an example we experimented with musicians and music therapists – those who will play an important role in community music going forward – working together to facilitate a workshop. In addition to the workshop, we held a mini concert in which workshop participants joined us in presenting creative works, and a symposium to examine events that occur in practice and to exchange opinions.

Workshop instructors: Setsu Inoue, Rii Numata, Sokkyou Karamēru Dan (Miki Akahane & Keiko Masaki)

For the theory component, guest lecturers comprising art and dance facilitators and a videographer who documents workshops conducted a lecture focusing on workshop facilitation.

Lecturers: Hideo Arai & Kiyoko Itasaka, Hiroaki Nakatsugawa, Kentaroh Ueda, Mari Shiobara

Project planning: Monten, Miki Akahane
Production: Yaeko Kurosaki
Cooperation: Pareidolian


Since its opening in 1989, Monnaka Tenjo Hall, the predecessor of Ryogoku Monten Hall, has introduced and staged an ambitious and varied program of music and performances, ranging from the traditional to pioneering contemporary music. Under the theme of “tradition and modernity,” organizers make efforts to offer a high quality music experience and foster a broad audience base.


Yaeko Kurosaki
Planning and Production
Ryogoku Monten Hall
Murasawa BLDG 1F, 1-3-9, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 130-0026


Ryogoku monten hall, Sumida City, Tokyo

*Mini concert and symposium