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lal banshees “Yukei”

  • Organization : SANROKU
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


This performance combining dance and music features choreography for the Ayano Yokoyama-led dance company lal banshees’ first male dancer, as well as specially written music and live performance by rock band SuiseiNoboAz.
Creation of the music proceeded simultaneously with the creation of the dance component to give audiences a simulated experience of an era when dance would have run alongside music.
The work was created by reconsidering minor customs mixed with indigenous Japanese folk beliefs, as well as by reexamining countless different individuals, non-human perspectives, and the question of what the body and the soul constitute as vessels.

Choreography and direction/performance: Ayano Yokoyama
Music/performance: SuiseiNoboAz
Performers: Satoshi Nakagawa, Masashi Koyama, Ayane Nakagawa, Honoka Saiki, Rei Chujo,coyote
Live Music and performed by SuiseiNoboAz
Masaharu Ishihara ( Vo./Gt./Sampler), Merde Takano (Gt./Piano),
Takehito “Time Machine” Kono (Ba.), Tatsuro Matsuda (Dr.)
Lighting: Masayoshi Takada (RYU)
Sound: Nobu Ikeda
Stage direction: Takashi Kawachi
Production: Marie Takimoto


Centering on the activities of Ayano Yokoyama and the dance company lal banshees, Sanroku’s aim is to contribute to the development of borderless performing arts using its unique style and form of expression based on new ideas.


Marie Takimoto
3-3-11, Sekiharara Adachiku Tokyo Japan 123-0852


Theatre Tram, Setagaya City, Tokyo