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Friendship through flowers

  • Organization : Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter
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  • Type of Grant Program : Single


April 15 Exhibition 16:00-19:00
April 16 (Sun) Opening Ceremony, workshop and exhibition 10:00-16:30

Organized by Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter / Embassy of the republic of Angola.

This event was held with the aim of collaborating “Ikebana” and “Calligraphy”, which are traditional cultures that Japan can be proud of, and disseminating Japanese culture to more people beyond countries and generations.

We also invited the spouses of ambassadors from various countries to participate in the event, and provided them with the opportunity to experience the culture of each country by having them arrange flowers in the image of their countries.

At the opening ceremony, the spouse of the minister for foreign affairs, Mrs. Yuko Hayashi, the spouse of the Ambassador of Angola, the president of Ikebana International Headquarters, and the president of Tokyo Founding Chapter cut the ribbon.

After taking a commemorative photo with each country’s ambassadors, their spouses, Iemotos of ikebana, TFC president gave an ikebana demonstration with the students of the Tokyo Metropolitan Setagaya General High School’s flower arrangement club members and the son of the Tunisian ambassador.

At the same time as the ikebana demonstration, calligraphy performance by calligrapher Katsusuke Miike was done.

Ikebana workshop were done by Iemoto, Mr. Rishii Otsuka of the Koryu Katabami-kai, Mr. Shoei Fujisawa of Soshoryu school, and the calligraphy by Mr. Katsusuke Miike, a calligrapher. The attendants tried to do seriously.

This ikebana exhibition was opened to public, which conveyed Japanese culture with attracting many visitors. This event will be seen on YouTube in our website.


【Ikebana International Tokyo Founding Chapter】
It consists of 600 members who are interested in ikebana, including the head of each school of ikebana and the spouses of ambassadors from various countries, and introduces ikebana, a traditional Japanese culture, through ikebana demonstrations and exhibitions every month. TFC(Tokyo Founding Chapter) also puts effort into educating the next generation, and regularly holds workshops for children to convey the importance of nature and the splendor of Japanese culture through ikebana. In addition, we have been working on collaborations of art culture such as jazz and ikebana, and Noh and ikebana, and this time, by combining calligraphy and ikebana, we have led to the transmission of new culture.


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