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Kokufes~Music Days 2023~

  • Organization : Kokufes Executive Committee
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


This event in central Kokubunji featured more than 200 groups of performers from professionals to amateurs.
A variety of locations including city concert halls, community centers, station buildings/premises, parks, and shrines played host to diverse people such as top professional musicians, kids, students, seniors, and people with disabilities who performed rock, jazz, classical, folk songs, street piano, dance and other forms of music, filling Kokubunji with music for two days.


【Kokufes Executive Committee】
A civic group founded to revitalize Kokubunji with music, one of the attractions of Kokubunji. The group comprises around 30 executive committee members, primarily local citizens.
The Committee hopes to carry on holding Kokufes once a year as a well-known event in Kokubunji.


Yoshiro Fuyuki
Kokufes Executive Committee
E-mail: kokufes.info@gmail.com


Izumi Hall, Rion Hall, Honda Kouminkan, Hikari Kouminkan, Honchominamicho Hachiman Shrine, Celeo, Hikari Plaza Mae, Minamiguchi Hiroba, Kitaguchi Hiroba, Nishikokubunji LEGA, Sawayaka Plaza Motomachi, Playstation, Nagomikko Club, Kokubunji Station Jiyutsuro