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Dream Pillow Concert “The Painted Bird Dancing Between Time And Space”

  • Organization : Dream Pillow
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


At this concert, we will create a new sound, a new contemporary art, created by intricately harmonizing the elements of Japanese and Western traditional music, ethnic music, classical contemporary music, pops, jazz, rock and experimental music with a string quartet. The goal was to create an expression.

Ayuo (singing, voice, medieval European psaltery, strings, composition), Akikazu Nakamura (shakuhachi, composition), Aki Takahashi (piano), Yoko Ueno (voice, accordion), Junzo Tateiwa (percussion), Fumiko Kai (violin), Yoshu Kamei (violin), Kei Sakoda (viola), Takui Matsumoto (cello)

・Composed by Tomomi Adachi (2023, commissioned by Yumemakura) String Quartet No. 42 – “Butterfly yawns with a monkey (after Pavel Haas)” with percussion and voice
・Composed by Akikazu Nakamura (premiere in 2023) “Moon White” Shakuhachi and string quartet
・Composed by Ayuo Suite “The Painted Bird Dancing Between Time And Space”
Producer: Ayuo Production: Tomo Saito (Marmelo) Sound: Yoshihisa Omata


Dream Pillow
In 2005, collaborated with shakuhachi player Akikazu Nakamura, who is also influenced by Jung’s ideas, to perform Ayuo’s recitation of the libretto and the piece for music “Carl Jung’s Dream Diary”. and established an organization. In 2016, “Hawaiian Mythology Pele’s Story,” in which music was played along with storytelling, and in 2017, “Spring Snow.” 2019 – Planned and produced the narrative drama “Outside Society”. 2021 – Planned and produced a joint concert “Eurasian Dreams” with Iranian and Kurdish classical music performers and Japanese traditional musicians.


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