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Niwa Gekidan Penino 「Fortress of Smiles」in Berlin

  • Organization : Arche LLC.
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


In 2018, the company performed “Fortress of Smile,” created during a residency at the Kinosaki International Arts Center, in the three French cities of Roubaix, Gennevilliers, and Orléans.
A small fishing port town facing the Sea of Japan. A family moves into an apartment building where fishermen live. The fishermen get along like brothers and spend days of endless laughter, while the mother of the family has dementia. Two different apartments, two different situations. However, they gradually come to impact upon each other, and their nonchalant daily lives change, when all they really want is to live a life of laughter…

Written and directed by: Kuro Tanino
Performed by: Susumu Ogata, Masato Nomura, FO Pereira Koichiro, others 
Design: Takuya Kamiike 
Lighting: Masayuki Abe 
Sound: Koji Shiina


Niwa Gekidan Penino(Arche LLC.)
The theater ensemble Niwa Gekidan Penino was the brainchild of Kuro Tanino during his student days at Showa University in 2000. A trained psychiatrist, Tanino is the creative mind of the collective, writing a variety of works which have kept them in the world spotlight for over a decade. Niwa Gekidan Penino has been invited to festivals in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, and its native Japan.


Arche LLC.


Schaubühne am Halleschen Ufer, Berlin, Germany