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Exhibiting Interactive Art “multi-lingua-body”

  • Organization : Minori Manabe
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


“multi-lingua-body” is an interactive installation for creating a rhyming exchange in multiple languages through bodily movement. Two participants selected projected words in their native language by stepping on them. The additional words that then appeared sounded as rhymable words with the same meaning as the selected words, but in different languages, including those not native to the participants. Selection made on the basis of meaning led to a sense of comfort from the sounds of the rhymed exchange (albeit not understandable), which was accompanied by short musical phrases. The exchanges utilized a database of sounds from world languages. This hands-on experience expands the expressive possibilities for sound by using the properties of words as sounds, as well as words as symbols for sound. Even people who do not usually make rhymes or music enjoyed the experience of creating new sounds through their own bodily movement.

Technical support/engineers: Wataru Takamine, Richard Sahala Hartanto, Takuto Arizumi,
Sound composer: Reita Maeno
Videographer: Kai Fukubayashi


Minori Manabe
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tokyo.
Master of Interdisciplinary Information Studies with a specialization in Emerging design and informatics course, University of Tokyo.
SICF20 Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto Prize
New Generation Award Special Prize
The University of Tokyo iii Exhibition “Dest-logy”
Solo Exhibition “Touch the Words”


Gallery Hitch Hiker Tokyo, Shibuya City, Tokyo