What we do


  • Organization : HUANG SHUYUE
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Theater


“EXPECT” expressed the “Model City” where anyone can be happy. I created three characters: a traveler, an town planner, and an normal woman,.and they always listen to the same radio program “Model City highway radio” . The Tokyo (on-site) performance was simultaneously staged with Sichuan (online). I directed this production combined projectors, space, and the body and voice .
This project aims to serve as an experiment in new directing methods and as the first public event in Tokyo, allowing the audience to see it and inviting wide-ranging critiques to promote cultural exchange in contemporary theater between Japan and China.

Written and directed by: HUANG ShuYue
Installation: LIU TianQi
Performance: YANG Chen
Performed by: DUAN XinTonig/ZHAO Yin/LIU MaoLin

Production: LIU PeiMing/JUMUREN
Stage manager: YANG Chen
Graphic design: WANG Lan/ HUANG ShuYue
Lighting planner: QIN LiBin
Sound: WANG Xi
Scenography: LIU TianQi/ HUANG ShuYue
Photographic record: WU KeEr
Video record: GESANG MeiDuo/ DUAN Hao
Japanese proofreading: YUUKI Mao
Performance/event day management: YAO QingLe


Shuyue Huang
Born in 1997 in Sichuan, China.
Graduated from Sichuan Music University in 2020 and Musashino Art University Graduate School in 2024. She researches theatrical scenography design with the theme of reconfiguration of theatrical materials. She also creates works specific to the space, with an emphasis on irregular spaces.
Since 2020, she has been working as a scenography designer and director in China and Japan, and has performed and exhibited more than 10 productions.
Representative works: “EXPECT” BUoY Tokyo, “THE GROWTH” YUANJIA Chengdu Online Hong Kong, “YET THIS HAS NEVER BEEN A STORY OF BUNNIES”, “BLOW THE KITE” CHEM THEATRE Chengdu, “THE HIDDEN VOICE” Xixi Arts Center Hangzhou, etc.




BUoY underground space, Adachi City, Tokyo