What we do

Letter from a poet 100 years ago
―Concert with opera vocal, traditional Japanese dance and musical instruments.

  • Organization : Jun Akaru
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This is a concert featuring traditional Japanese instruments such as the flute, koto, shamisen, and kabuki percussion, Japanese dance, and Western vocal music.
This concert will recreate the New Japan music and dance movement of 100 years ago, which was the origin of Tokyo’s POP art culture.
It expresses the desire for the continuation of the “nostalgic Japan” left by a poet 100 years ago.
The arrangement was by the great-grandson of Ryutaro Hirota, a representative composer of the time.
The performer was a graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts, which has been the center of Japanese music for 100 years, and was a current student during the COVID-19 pandemic.
1. Utakoto Sanbaso – Okina Oiran no Dan
2. Songs of Taisho (era of 100 years ago) poets (Rain, Butterfly Children, Go Ahead, Dandelions, Soap Bubbles)
3. A bright light
4.Songs of Taisho (era of 100 years ago) poets (Sailor, Sparrow School, The site of an old castle in Komoro)
5. Utakoto Sanbaso ~ Lightning and Bell Steps
6. Merry Shoes

Jun Akaru (shinobue, Nohkan, arrangement), Keiko Aoyama (guest performer, vocal music), Aoi Uyama (koto, shamisen), Sakura Kido (koto), Eishin Tosha (Japanese traditional percussion), Kinosuke Katada (Japanese traditional percussion), Mishojiro Hanayagi (Japanese traditional dance) / Yosen Hanayagi (Japanese traditional dance)


Jun Akaru
Studying traditional Japanese music, Gagaku and Kabuki music.
Researching music waves from 100 years ago as a preliminary step to creating Japanese POP
Ryutaro Hirota, the composer of Haru Yokoi, scolded, was his great-grandfather.
Graduated from Gakushuin University, Faculty of Letters, Department of History, Major in Ancient Japanese History
Completed the Department of Japanese Music, Department of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts
Completed the 50th term of NHK Japanese Music Skills Training Association
Pro Musica Nipponia member, Sukeroku drum and flute teacher