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CACIO E PEPE Theatre Enterprise The 2nd Performance Sweetness & Bitterness

  • Organization : CACIO E PEPE Theatre Enterprise 
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


A dual performance of two new plays set in 19th century Brittany, France. “Kouign-amann au Finistère” revolves around the story of the development of the famous local cake Kouign-amann, as it portrays the changes brought about in the villagers as they interact with Ganeco, the guardian deity of the village. The two-story “L’orange amére” depicts the tale of the breakdown of a family at a Brittany-style wake in an area where a strongly Celtic way of thinking lingers; and a story of escape from the crumbling utopia of Albedo. These two works express life and death, and the love between family and friends through the act of eating.

Written/directed by: Hachigame Zao
Performed by: Kyoncy, Yu Kushima, Tomomi Kobayashi, Saeto, Ayu Suemori, Chika Nakada, Kohei Masumura, Takanori Mibe, Kazuhiro Yamada
Lighting: Yu Yokohara
Sound: Yuki Ueoka
Music: Koki Shimizu
Costumes: Asuka Aoyama
WEB: kaname Shimizu
Publicity art: Hotaka Shimizu
Video recording/photography: Panbanisha


CACIO E PEPE Theatre Enterprise
Theatrical unit led by Zao Hachigame.
Formed in August 2021, and launched in April of the following year with a staging of the unit’s first production, “Mumya’ Mummia Pastrami.”
Based on the concept of “plays that make you hungry,” Cacio e Pepe expresses the twisting and turning of human desire, and the joy and sorrow of its release.


Hachigame Zao
CACIO E PEPE Theatre Enterprise


Cafe MURIWUI, Setagaya City, Tokyo