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Clarinet Quintet Penta-CLam 2nd Concert

  • Organization : Clarinet Quintet Penta-CLam
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


By creating new works for clarinet quintet, a category with many performers but few original works, the hope is to give more enthusiasts the opportunity and motivation to perform. The project also pursues a high degree of artistry through clarinet-only performance.

Program: The Hounds of Spring/A.Reed, Impressions/H.Ishikawa, The Challengers of New Frontier/Micina, Namushi Chou to Kasu/T.Oshiba, An american in Paris/G.Gershwin
Player : Ayumi Ikeya, Yuki Kusano, Keisuke Shibuya, Mori Yonekura, Kazuki Watanabe


Clarinet Quintet Penta-CLam
Formed in 2022 with the aim of expanding the clarinet quintet repertoire. Penta-Clam has been in the spotlight since the great success of its debut concerts in Tokyo and Hamamatsu.


Kazuki Watanabe
Clarinet Quintet Penta-CLam


Toyosu Civic Center Hall, Koto City, Tokyo