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New Musical Comedy 『IBUKI』 Produced By Eastern Borzois

  • Organization : Eastern Borzois
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


University student Ono exploits “diversity.” Turning the racial diversity issue on its head to use to his advantage, he makes “idol” entertainer-like amounts of money as a 100% Japanese convenience store worker, which these days is rare. However, due to a confession made by a girl he likes called Kiri, Ono must confront diversity in a very real way, as Kiri turns out to be Korean-Japanese.
This is a socially minded musical looking at the theme of “diversity,” something which in recent times has been a global focus. The work is designed to cynically analyze diversity and reconsider the meaning of an affluent society in the true sense. “Depression” is also a theme in the work. It portrays how one person is rehabilitated, and takes a close look at the relationship between society and the self.

Performed by: Kazuki Toma, Tetsu Nakaima, Moegi Izuka, others
Written by: Hiiragi Shimakawa
Musical composition: Asuka Kuno
Directed by: Misako Odate


Eastern Borzois
Theater group spearheaded by scriptwriter Hiiragi Shimakawa, composer Asuka Kuno, and director Misako Odate. In 2018, when they were students at Tokyo University of the Arts, the three began collaborating with the goal of creating musicals that explored and unleashed the physicality and language of the Japanese.
In September of the same year, the group used numerous young creators and artists to stage the musical “Nanno Koreshiki.” With the aim of further creative development, they formed Eastern Borzois in 2020. Following the postponement of performances due to the pandemic, in March 2021 the group staged the musical “Nanno Koreshiki 2020” and officially started its activities as a theater company.
In 2022, the company expanded its scale by welcoming eight new members. To date it has produced five original musicals and continues to be active to the present day.


Eastern Borzois


Nakameguro Kinkero Theatre, Meguro City, Tokyo