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Ensemble Toneseek vol.2 ~ Pierrot Lunaire ~

  • Organization : Ensemble Toneseek
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


At the Ensemble’s inaugural performance last year, the individual musicians demonstrated their abilities, but being a debut production, they were unable to show their individuality as an ensemble. Which is why for this second concert, the Ensemble invited as its guest the performer Masumi Nemoto, who works in various fields as a vocalist, and decided to focus on Schönberg’s masterpiece “Pierrot Lunaire,” arguably the launchpad for contemporary music. By daring to tackle classics you could say have been performed to death, Toneseek aims to explore and present its individuality and sound in the hope this will be useful for its next open call for ensemble members.


Ensemble Toneseek
A contemporary music ensemble formed in 2022 by musicians with careers in contemporary music and active in various ensemble scenes in Japan and overseas, in order to open up new project opportunities. The name comes from the Ensemble’s aim of creating an environment for musicians and composers which offers the opportunity to explore new sounds.


Tetsuo Kubo
Art Director
Ensemble Toneseek


Tokyo Concerts Lab, Shinjuku City, Tokyo