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Mizuno Nakamura new work installation&performance “Fuwafuwa no kakera”

  • Organization : Mizuno Nakamura
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Dance


A new solo performance by Mizuno Nakamura, a dancer with the theme of “memory”. Nakamura was in charge of art, and it was held in two parts of installation and performance.
The activity of “memory” is something that people take for granted in their daily lives, but this is a question about that activity. In the 30-minute installation that will be held during the opening, a sound installation will be performed using interviews about “memory” with three “memory talkers”.

June 17, 2023
1. installation 14:30/performance 15:00
2. installation 18:30/performance 19:00

June 18, 2023
3. installation 12:30/performance 13:00
4. installation 16:30/performance 17:00

Direction/Choreography/Performance/Art:Mizuno Nakamura
memory talkers:Kaori Kagaya,Tomohiro Kodama,Yosuke Sato
cooperation:Yoshiharu Hoshino
music:Shuwa Nagai
production:Yukie Yoshida


Mizuno Nakamura
Started modern dance at the age of 15. After graduating from university, worked for a dance equipment manufacturer. Later studied contemporary dance under Kaori Kagaya. In addition to many performances as a ClariS live dancer, also appeared on theatrical stages and stage performances directed by video creators such as “Grandscape Hamanako at Kanzanji Onsen”. Appeared in works by Kazuyuki Futami, Kaori Kagaya, Nobuko Takahara, and Saori Hara. Appearance with a unique atmosphere is highly evaluated. Energetically producing solo works, searching for works that are born from his own spirituality and physicality.


Mizuno Nakamura


Halo Space04, Shibuya City, Tokyo